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2018 Parade of Ideal Homes

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Caribbean Teal Waters Are Calling

As Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula stretches toward the Caribbean Sea, it signals the southern edge of the country, where it then shares a border with Belize. An otherworldly place of sultry beauty, ancient Mayan relics, and flourishing culture (and eco-tourism!), it’s all framed by the largest barrier

Virginia – A Treasure Trove of Historical Sites and Natural Wonders

After more than 400 years from agricultural development to urban sprawl, about 60% of Virginia is still covered by forests. About 70% of all Internet traffic flows through data centers in Northern Virginia. Nearly 25% of all Virginia workers are employed by the United States government. Virginia’s 250+ wineries produced 6.5 million bottles of wine in 2015.

Venture Out Interview The Bluffs

  Wilmington, NC The Bluffs on the Cape Fear Bill & Lisa Clodfelter “Three years ago in August of 2016 we sold our home just north of Greensboro, NC and moved to The Bluffs on the Cape Fear in Wilmington, North Carolina. At first we kept working and would just come...

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Life Is Filled with Making Friends on Lake Tellico

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) began creating dams and lakes for hydro-electric power starting in 1933. Over the decades, the TVA has generated 11,000 miles of pristine shoreline framing nearly 300,000 acres of reservoir land, its newest coming in the early 80s with the creation of Lake Tellico in eastern

Lifelong New Yorkers. Find a New Life in Wilmington, NC

“I think everyone wants the same things. We all want to have a good time and enjoy life. That’s easy when you love where you are living, and you enjoy the people and what you are doing,” says Jayne Barruch. It was this desire that inspired Barruch and her husband to...

Buy Your Retirement Dream Home & Increase Your Cash Flow

If you dream about a new home in a warmer climate with modern design, amenities, and low maintenance, then you owe it to yourself to learn about a powerful alternative to using traditional financing or paying cash to purchase your next home and doing all of this while retaining a large portion of your life savings with a Home

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Fried Chicken Chronicles at Woodside Plantation

  The Fried Chicken Chronicles An Arizona chef dives head first into Carolina cuisine What do you get when you put a west coast boy smack dab in the middle of a Southern kitchen? Seasonal world cuisine with a side of mashed potatoes, as it turns out. In another...

Desert Mountain’s 7th Golf Course | Scottsdale, AZ

Opening in Spring 2019, Seven Desert Mountain (Desert Mountains 7th golf course) is an exclusive, new luxury residential golf community that will have you re-imagine the way you think of golf community living. Up to 190 modern, luxury homes, most right on the course, feature picturesque views of the surrounding

Latitude Margaritaville is Much More Than a Spot on the Map

Latitude Margaritaville is a unique state of mind. Its a place where happiness and friendship reside. Its a community where those who are growing older, but not up, come together to enjoy life to the fullest.
Inspired by the no-worries island lifestyle of fun, food, and music portrayed by legendary singer,

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