Venture Out Interview Glacier Club

Venture Out Interview Glacier Club



Marina Siepiela

Glacier Club  |  Durango, CO

In 2010, Marina and Jim Siepiela purchased a villa at the Glacier Club in Durango, Colorado. Two years later they built a vacation home there. “Although our primary home is in Dallas, TX, we generally spend from Memorial Day through September in Durango, as the fall color is breathtaking. And, we spend more than a month in the winter to enjoy all of the winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing,” says Marina.

“There is so much to do there in the summer — we go biking, and bicycling. We fish, swim, kayak, and we go horseback riding. Bill and I hike, play pickleball and golf, and the list goes on and on.”

“Glacier is not only a community with amenities, it’s all about the people. Our life is very social. We actually have more friends in Colorado than we do in Dallas. We like to travel and take 10-day-vacations with a group of people from Glacier Club.”

Both Marina and Jim are avid golfers and enjoy the award-winning Valley and Mountain golf courses at Glacier. They also travel to play in destinations like Ireland, Cabo San Lucas, and Pebble Beach.

With fabulous views from their 5,000 sq. ft. environmentally-friendly modern mountain home with floor to ceiling windows and telescoping doors at Glacier Club, the Siepielas enjoy their lives to the fullest.

“If someone is looking for a nice social life or to live outdoors, Glacier Club is the place to be.”


Tax Time and there is hope…

Tax Time and there is hope…

Tax Time

It’s that time again…

And, you may have noticed that the once coveted property tax deduction has changed. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 lowered tax rates and increased the standard deductions across the board, but it also placed a $10,000 limit on deductions for State And Local Taxes (otherwise known as SALT taxes). The SALT deduction has been a part of our tax code since 1913 and has cost the federal government trillions of dollars in lost revenue opportunities. As these deductions were most favorable to those with incomes above $100,000, the federal government decided to make some changes.

The standard deduction for singles has been raised to $12,000 and for married filing jointly to $24,000. In order to claim a SALT deduction, you must itemize your deductions.

Consequently, only about five percent of taxpayers are expected to itemize their deductions as opposed to 30 percent in past years. The new regulations are particularly challenging for those who will itemize their deduction and have high income taxes, high property taxes, or both. And, if you itemize, you can deduct property taxes AND state and local income taxes OR you can deduct property taxes AND sales taxes. But, you cannot deduct state and local income taxes in addition to sales tax.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you live in New York where the average SALT deduction was more than $21,000 a year, you would only be able to deduct $10,000. This adversely effects those living in areas with high state income taxes and high property taxes.

So, if you live in areas like New York, New Jersey, or California, you might want to consider relocating to lower taxed states to save some money. The tax savings alone could be used to fuel your new lifestyle. And, for some other good news, the mortgage interest deduction survived. So if you buy a new home, you can deduct the mortgage interest up to $750,000.

You could have a win-win-win scenario by relocating—a new life in an energy-efficient home in a great community, a deduction for mortgage interest, and lower taxes.

10 Lowest State 
Income Tax States | No Tax States
South Dakota

Only Tax Dividend and Interest
New Hampshire

2.9% Tax
North Dakota

10 Highest State Income Tax State
California 13.3%
Hawaii 11%
Oregon 9.9%
Minnesota 9.85%
Iowa 8.98%
New Jersey 8.97%
Vermont 8.95%
New York 8.82%
Wisconsin 7.65%
Idaho 7.5%

10 Lowest Property | Tax States
#1 Alabama
#2 Oklahoma
#3 Arkansas
#4 New Mexico
#5 Kentucky
#6 Delaware
#7 Tennessee
#8 Louisiana
#9 West Virginia
#10 North Carolina

10 Highest Property | Tax States
#1 New Jersey
#2 New Hampshire
#3 Connecticut
#4 New York
#5 Vermont
#6 Wyoming
#7 Rhode Island
#8 Massachusetts
#9 Illinois
#10 Maine

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Coming to Quail Ridge | Boynton Beach, FL

Coming to Quail Ridge | Boynton Beach, FL

Quail Ridge Country Club in Boynton Beach, FL

Additional Community Upgrades Approved

Coming to Quail Ridge | Quail Ridge | Boynton Beach, FL

Following the 2018 grand opening of their new $23-million clubhouse, Quail Ridge members have approved additional projects beginning in 2019 that will include the redesign and renovation of the South Course, replacement of the irrigation system for nearby properties, and expansion of the spa and fitness center.

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Coosaw Point — A Community for All Ages

Coosaw Point — A Community for All Ages

The drive across the Lowcountry marsh in Beaufort, SC, to Lady’s Island to the 400-acre riverfront community of Coosaw Point is both breathtaking and serene. An unrestricted community, residents enjoy vibrancy with a slower pace as told by the stories of two couples in slightly different phases of life.

Dave and Pam Rimer have lived in many places, but found their favorite place in Beaufort, SC, when they moved into their home at Coosaw Point in 2006. They decided to relocate after their son graduated from high school. They toured the Charleston area and spent several days driving around the Lowcountry until they came upon Coosaw Point, and they knew they had found their place. They downsized from a 4,500 square-foot home and now have more time to have fun than maintaining a large home, though Pam added that you can have as large of a home as you’d like at Coosaw.

“The community was small at that time and really just getting started. It was just a sense of what it was going to be,” said Pam. She organizes the community directory and has seen the community’s growth first-hand. Pam says, “We enjoy the mix of ages and people, from newborns to 90. It’s a vibrant community, full of caring neighbors.”

While Dave is “semi-retired,” they find time to enjoy boating as often as they can. With the warmer climate, they have even been boating on New Year’s Eve. Pam and Dave enjoy the people and Pam says, “You can participate as much or as little as you want.” The Rimers particularly enjoy “High Tide Fridays,” where neighbors meet for happy hour.

Next, meet Dee (48) and Marc (47) Robinson who relocated from Colorado just a year ago with their 16-year-old son. They had vacationed to the coast and knew they wanted to retire by the coast one day. Dee said, “We thought why wait until we retire? Let’s see if we can make this work now.” She found a job in Beaufort, and they couldn’t be happier that they made the move.

They are enjoying the outdoors. “Marc likes to stand-up paddle board, while my son and I like to kayak. So, we kayak to Hunting Island State Park. We’ve seen all kinds of wildlife from deer to dolphin. We are hoping to see the sea turtles hatch.”

“It’s a totally different life than in Colorado. Each are beautiful in their own way. It’s particularly wonderful to see the water so much living here. When you go over the bridges, the views are so amazing with the vibrant greens of the saltwater marsh. It’s breathtaking,” says Dee.

The Robinsons enjoy walking along the waterfront in the quaint town of Beaufort and sitting on the swings in waterfront park. They’ve been finding some good restaurants including Plums, Breakwater, and the Foolish Frog, just to name a few.

Dee says, “We made a good decision to take the plunge. We love the style of houses and walking trails. Coosaw Point has a great mix of people. Everyone is here because they love it.”